By signing this form I hereby agree to use the park at my own risk and responsibility. In case of injury I will not hold Bike Park's management responsible in any way.

  1. Riding on the trails is at your own risk – trail builders, Kolesarsko društvo Deš Fleš and Žičnice Javornik d.o.o. are not liable for possible injury or damage.
  2. Use of the trail is prohibited to persons under the influence of alcohol and drugs and to persons suffering from epileptic seizures.
  3. Children under the age of 18 are only allowed to use the trails under parental or legal representative supervision. Safety of children under the age of 18 is solely their responsibility.  
  4. Trails are not suitable for absolute beginners.
  5. Mountain biking is dangerous sport. Injuries may occur. Use of a safety helmet is mandatory.
  6. It is recommended to use protective gear.
  7. Use only bikes appropriate for the trail your choosing.
  8. First ride should be aimed at familiarizing yourself with the trail and the objects on the trail.     
  9. Adapt your speed in accordance with the characteristics and conditions on the trail, especially in case of bad weather conditions.   
  10. Do not endanger others especially less skilled riders.     
  11. Ride on marked trails only and do not attempt to ride outside designated trail.     
  12. Users are strictly prohibited to alter the trail or the obstacles on it in any way.   
  13. Climbing the trail either on foot or by bike is strictly prohibited.
  14. Carlift ticket is not transferable.
  15. Using trails outside Bike Park working hours is prohibited with immediate withdrawal of the ticket.
  16. Bike Park does not refund daily tickets in cases of extraordinary events such as poor weather forecast for the afternoon, lightning strikes and other similar events.
  17. Bicycles are transported on the chairlift at your own risk regardless of who loads the bike.  Bike Park and its employees shall not be held responsible for possible damages.
  18. Bike park's management can, with approval from the author, use photo and video material from bike park for commercial purposes.

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